Disco Inferno (Song Premiere)

Breaking & Repairing, the torrid memoir of Jacob Sharbono. I haven't always had the foresight to correct something before it falls apart. Not to say that I always do now, but I'm working on it. Heck, I'm sure I'm pressing too hard on something that's bound to break soon, in which case, I'll keep you posted.

The Japanese have an art of repairing broken pottery with powdered golds & silvers, highlighting the repair as a part of the object's history, called Kintsugi.

I'm beginning to think Disco is some sort of cosmic, self fulfilling prophesy. 

Feeling like Robert Langdon, I listened to my new take on Disco on repeat all day at the office. I was riding high. I'd cracked The Da Disco Code (coming fall 2023). When we started out the recording process, I'd made the decision to under demo the songs. I didn't want to color the other musicians ideas. After coming up with this new Disco, it became clear to me that pushing the demo harder wouldn't cloud the others creativity. So long as I'm open to ideas outside of my demo, it will only enhance comfort & performance. Which brings me to the thing about Robert Langdon-- he always has a partner.

While I was being extremely self indulgent at work, Justin was at my house creating his new version on Disco. He found his inspiration through a Moog & a sampled beat from a band called The Nicollettes.

With our two new versions of Disco & $600 I'd borrowed from my sister, we went back to the Hideaway Studio. With open minds, hearts, & ears, we began to repair our broken little number.

Sure, we still had loads to do to it, but the bones were there! It was no longer something to be afraid of. We proceeded to throw as many guitars as we could on top & our Mixer Andy Thompson proceeded to throw as many of them away as he could. & you know what, I wasn't even mad! He was right. 

I'd like to share the final song with you now. It'd be truly incredible if you'd give it a listen and let us know what you think. We're putting out a record called Fever Dream later this year.

These people made this song possible: Justin Sharbono, Meg Kirsch, Kara Laudon, Andy Thompson, Grady Kenevan, Ian Allison, Mike Marsh, Jeremy Tappero, Brady Moen & Ed Brooks.